Although quiet on the photography front, it has hectic behind the scenes. Below is an update of a few projects & some exciting news for 2016 that includes:

  • PhD Research
  • Photography Workshops
  • School Talks/Workshops
  • Mira Rai Film Release
  • Patagonia
  • Bob Graham Round

PhD Research

After a few months of assignments that have taken me from Hong Kong to a number of other countries, [see recent work here ] November and December has seen a change of pace & focus. I am currently keeping a low work profile [read as pretty much non-existent]  while I work on the fieldwork part of my PhD. I have had to turn down quite a few photography projects so I can focus on completing this research that is far removed from the world of action & adventure that I usually work in. My current research involves filming drug users in Hong Kong & with such a sensitive subject, I won’t be sharing any content from this here or on social media.

This is my screen view that I will be returning to after finishing this post – editing PhD footage on drug use in Hong Kong
Wrigley & Shane – This is the most ‘trail’ related shooting action I’ve seen recently. A rare shot while dropping by Lantau Base Camp on way to film for PhD research

Photography Workshops

The workshop scheduled for January 16th 2016 on Lantau Island in Hong Kong is now sold out. More workshops are planned for February & March in Hong Kong so if you want to be kept informed of these workshops before they are publicly announced then send a message here

Workshop is now sold out.

School Talks/Workshops

It’s always a buzz to talk to young people about photography and a recent talk at Island School in Hong Kong was a real highlight. Click here for more about school talks/workshops

Setting up for talk with Island School students in Hong Kong
Setting up for talk with Island School students in Hong Kong
Showing the ‘Mira Rai’ trailer to Island School students

Mira Rai Film Release

With the postponement of ‘Mira Rai’ [read press release for postponement here ] editing has taken a back seat until research filming has been completed. The release date is March 30th 2016. I recently caught up with Mira while on assignment in Szechuan. You can view images from that assignment here

Working with the ‘Dream Team’ in Yading, China


I had a fantastic opportunity to work with Patagonia after being invited to come on board & work with Krissy Moehle & Luke Nelson while they were in Beijing and in Hong Kong during November. Images are under wraps right now but it was definitely a case of ‘good times’; working with Krissy, Luke & the Patagonia teams in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Good times working with Krissy Moehle & Luke Nelson

Bob Graham Round

After completing the Dragons Back Race during the summer, I have set my sights on having a crack at the Bob Graham Round. When in the UK, I often spend my time in the Lakes and have planned a BGR attempt for quite a while. The pieces have finally fallen into place that allow me to have an attempt in July 2016.

Dragons Back Race 2015

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