Good times + fun folk + epic mountain = sweet assignment

This is a photography formulae that rang true during a recent assignment for Scott Sports on Mt Kinabalu in Sabah. Partners in crime for the week were: Ruth Croft & Martin Gaffuri. We were shooting promotional images for the new range of Scott apparel & footwear that comes under the ‘Kinabalu’ range. A week of hard grafting for the shots in the jungles and surrounding Kinabalu terrain before climbing to the summit were tempered with side splitting laughter. Most days started at 4.30am to head out from our bamboo mountain hut to catch the soft sunrise light for our chosen locations and found the temperamental weather seemed to conspire against us as we waited for the rain to pass or clouds to shift. This was definitely proving to be a ‘you’ve got to work hard for those shots‘ kind of assignment as I pulled on every technical & creative trick to make the images work in challenging circumstances.

Thankfully, it turned into a different story with the assignment finishing with 2 days on the summit of Kinabalu. We started climbing for the summit at 3.30am under a clear sky & shining stars and felt rewarded for our endeavour as the skies put on a sweet colour palette for our sunrise shots. We were like kids in a candy store capturing every angle & composition we could. To say that I am excited about the images we captured during this time is an under-statement.

Sorry to be a tease but the images are under wraps & cannot be made public just yet as the new range of Scott products I was capturing images of have not been released. So here’s some images capturing the fun & journey we were on during this time.


Martin-Asleep-DSC07848Bamboo-Hut-DSC07857Ruth-Asleep-DSC07877Cicada-DSC07893 Martin-Monkey-DSC07915IMG_5670 Summitt-Selfie