Today marks two months since I said “goodbye, until next time” to my sweet Gabbie. In the days before she lost consciousness, we dreamed about how we would return to the place where we spent our honey moon almost twenty three years ago. We would often walk hand in hand through Richmond Park and talk about everything and nothing.  It was a place that we would return to a number of times over the years.

Richmond Park is a place of memories for us and a place where we planned to walk again when Gabbie was well enough. We hoped that would be this autumn. Gabbie smiled at me as I held her hand in that hospital ICU room in Singapore and we looked forward to that day. 

These handwritten short verses are from an unfinished poem called ‘Richmond Park’ . I will finish this poem one day, when I am able, and I am dearly looking forward to walking through ‘another Richmond Park’ with my beautiful soulmate.