A few days ago, I headed to the laboratory in Hong Kong and picked up the very last roll of film that I shot on my Mamiya 645 before it quietly took its’ final bow and headed off into the analogue sunset. This Mamiya has been my favourite camera. From the Gobi desert to Mount Fuji and Chamonix to the streets of Kathmandu and around Hong Kong, to list just a small portion of the places that we have worked together, this camera has produced many images that are packed with analogue depth and character.

It is no exaggeration to say that I was gutted when I realised that the roll of Ilford HP5 that I placed in the Mamiya on that cold July 11th afternoon would be the last.  The black and white images included below are from this last roll and  taken during a visit to Reighton Sands on the North Yorkshire Coast. It is  a special place for us as a family as we enjoy visiting this part of North Yorkshire when we lived in the area during the early 2000’s.  It is fitting that this would be the last place the Mamiya would capture in all its’ grainy glory. You can see from this very last roll that is complete with light bleeding at the edges that this camera had character.  Fare  thee  well  Mamiya.

And as a tribute, a roll call of some of the images that were taken on this special camera:

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