7 Yan Hing Street 仁興街, Tai Wo – December 14th 2020

Twenty four years ago on this day, I married my best friend.  I could not bear to stay at home and so earlier today,  I set off on a run from the old car garage at 7 Yan Hing Street (仁興街) in Tai Wo that was converted into a church where we married on December 14th 1996. The place is now empty but on that day, it was packed with family and friends from all walks of life including friends who had spent years living on the streets, ex-Triad gang members and heroin users, teachers, successful business people and many more.  It was a special day.

I ate two Ferrero Rocher (we called them Ferrari Rockets and I would always buy them for Gabbie when we were dating and over the following years) and started running from 7 Yan Hing Street.  I ran across hills and trails from Tai Wo to Tai Mo Shan and on towards Sha Tin. I stopped when I reached 24km.  I thought about my beautiful Gabbie with nearly every breath and stride which is not so different from each of the 563 other days since I whispered “goodbye, until next time”.