It has been almost three years since my world was ripped apart with the loss of my soul-mate Gabbie and I have been in a tailspin ever since. I have let very few people into this world and have tried to close all the windows that could afford a glimpse inside.

I have also tried to avoid working with cameras because it has been too painful as I have a connection with imagery that goes far beyond the push of a button. When I have attempted shooting work over these past few years, I have been left overwhelmed by all that I associate with this art.  And yet, I know that I can express my inner-self though imagery in a way that I am not able to elsewhere. These conflicting inner tensions of creativity and destructivity, love and hate, are ones that I am still trying to resolve. That being said, the tailspin has slowed down and I have reached for my cameras again.  My first goal is to complete the post-production work on Rungkopi, a film that I started making in 2017 but stopped working on in 2019 when my world fell apart.  I have resumed editing Rungkopi and I am working towards an August 2022 release.

I will close by thanking all of you who have reached out to me over the past three years. Some of you never received a response. Some, I have pushed away in anger, for which I am truly sorry.  For those of you who persevered and kept reaching out in spite of my attempts to withdraw and push all away,  I am deeply grateful.

If you are interested in following this next chapter then I will be posting news about filming and photography work here on this site.



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