I am chuffed to announce that we are making good progress with Rungkopi. There have been many long hours spent in the edit cave shaping and carving this film over the past month. It is a team effort with translators (thank you Alex) who have been working on the Dusun material and others who are making this film possible.

The trailer for Rungkopi will be released on April 2nd 2023 and you can find information about this and more about the film on the newly launched Rungkopi website: www.rungkopi.com 

Thank you for your support.

Film Title: Rungkopi


Rungkopi is a collection of stories told by those who call Mount Kinabalu their home that reveal what this mountain means to the Dusun people. Tradition, cultural pride & mountain running are woven into a tapestry of stories that speak of resilience & responsibility to ancestors in the face of a fast changing world.

Filmed & Produced by Lloyd Belcher

Featuring: Daved Simpat, Jess Boubie, Sadib Miki, Safrey Sumping, Lanting Lunkim, Gimbulok Mendayong, Adelinah Lintanga, Milton Sombuling & Malihat Bin Gandong 

Cinematography by Lloyd Belcher

Additional Camera Operators: Bryan Diehl & Richard Kimber

Dusun Translation: Alexsandra Vivian Alexander & Alexander Bin Kamedis

Rungkopi Writing Artwork: Jess Boubie

Film trailer release date: April 2nd 2023

Film release scheduled for August 2023