Making Analogue Memories

Today I spent the day with my daughter Anya developing some Ilford 100 35mm film. We both took images on a Nikon fm3a around the village that we now live in and also out on the nearby hills of North Yorkshire. It was a meaningful time to make memories as […]

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Blending Dance & Imagery

One thing I fear is getting artistically stale or choose to sit in a box that is covered in labels such as ‘runner photographer’, ‘sports photographer’ ‘adventure photographer’ etc. No brand commissioned this shoot. Simply a personal portfolio project where taking chances & free flowing creativity abounded and brought me […]

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Why I Shoot Analogue

A quick visit to Facebook and it’s pretty obvious that we like the immediacy of being able to show others our experiences through posting photos that we have taken that day at a party, on holiday or on a scenic trail somewhere. Immediacy is key and has shaped this digital age in which we want instant […]

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