Red Dot Running Company Gratitude Offer

These ten prints are available as part of an exclusive offer for the first twenty Red Dot Running Company customers who purchase over SGD 350 in goods in a single order between September 1st -30th 2020.

Details are as follows:

If you are one of the first twenty people who place a single order that exceeds SGD350 (approx: USD256/HKD1985/GBP194) from Red Dot Running Company either via their online store or in person at their store in Singapore, then I will send a high quality fine art print of any one of the below choice of ten images that I have taken over the years.

All fees will be waived and will not cost a penny to any of the first twenty people. This offer is eligible on a world wide basis. So, even if you do not live in Singapore then you can place an order via Red Dot Running Company’s online store as they deliver worldwide as well. After placing the order with RDRC, they will issue you a code that you can enter upon checkout here and you will receive a 100% discount. All you need to do is wait for the print to be delivered to you by courier.

Place your Red Dot Running Company order and then choose your print.

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