Chuffed to the extent that I start pulling funny faces with the award of the Jury Prize for MIRA at the Dutch Mountain Film Festival 2017 head on February 10th 2017 in Kerkrade, Holland.

Jury Report:

Filmed in traditional documentary style, a whole raft of present-day themes are dealt with, such as the urge to win, how to cope with failure and, above all, not leaving your roots behind. Whilst the film positively bristles with political engagement, for example, by explicitly championing women’s rights, it is primarily a feel-good movie. The winner of the Jury Award is a moving documentary with some wonderful action shots and awe-inspiring panoramas. It’s impossible not to be moved by the scene in which the main character admires, describes and cleans her newly acquired trophy. The jury has fallen in love with this Nepalese girl, her talent, her enthusiasm and her determination. We hope that we hear a lot more about her in the future. The winner of the Parkstad Limburg Jury Award, by an overwhelmingly unanimous vote is MIRA by LLOYD BELCHER.

Another highlight of my time in Kerkrade while attending the festival, was to hang out on the Kerkrade rooftops and shoot some high lining. Some deft skills & nerve on display. All in all, I had a great time watching some fantastic films and enjoying some great company. This festival is one to be marked on the calendar.

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