Photo: James Carnegie

The past eight weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. It is the first time in quite a while that I am able to sit at home and have the time and space to reflect and plan ahead. These past two months mark the first time that I have been able to work full time since I went professional as a photographer/film maker in 2013.  I have not been able to dedicate my time fully to photography/filming work until this summer when I passed my PhD exam.  Looking in from the outside, this might be hard to believe but I have only worked part-time so I could dedicate myself to finishing the PhD which has resulted in having to turn away a lot of work & income over the years. This has been very difficult & I want to thank all those who have kept faith in me.

Since starting to work full time just 8 weeks ago, I have been on assignments for Patagonia & Lululemon and have been working on Mount Kinabalu, in the far reaches of China and in the Gobi Desert.  I am buzzing about new adventures that await over the coming year including the release of a new film called ‘Rungkopi’, & to continue working on some races including the Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge and others that I have had a close relationship with over the years plus some new exciting races. There are some changes including not shooting the next 9 Dragons race and taking on more filming work over the next year. For the first time in a very long while, I am brimming with enthusiasm and hunger for what lies ahead.

Thank you to all who have shown faith, supported and shared this journey.

Below are some images from assignments over the past two months: