One the main reasons for making ‘Mira’ was to share this inspirational story with the people of Nepal. I am beyond thrilled that the mobile cinema screenings are rolling out across Nepal this week. The very first screening is taking place in Ghantaghar, Birgunj which is the southern part of Nepal near the border with India. There are many more screenings scheduled for the coming months. A lot of work has gone into this behind the scenes with translators & the dubbing work in Kathmandu was done by Dinesh & Pinki Deokota.

First mobile cinema screening of MIRA at a secondary school in Ghantaghar, Birgunj
Secondary school in Ghantaghar, Birgunj

All the Vimeo sales of ‘Mira’ have raised the funds for these mobile cinema screenings so that ‘Mira’ is free to view for all in Nepal using generators, projectors & screens in rural & more remote areas.

We have teamed up with Nepalese initiatives: Bato Ko Cinema & Photo Circle. who are experienced in mobile cinema work.  If you rented or bought Mira via Vimeo then a big “thank you” because you have directly contributed to this.

Secondary school in Ghantaghar, Birgunj

Below are details of the first screenings in November 2016. These are free to attend in Nepal & are shown in an open environment using a projector [powered by generator] and screens. Everybody is welcome.

18 Nov – Ghantaghar, Birgunj

25 Nov – Bhagauda, Bharatpur, Chitwan (A village 2 hrs from the main highway)

26 Nov – Baikuntha, Bharatpur, Chitwan

28 Nov – Chippledunga, Pokhara

29 Nov – Chorrepatan, Pokhara

More info about screenings:
tel: +977 01 55 37 406 | +977 9813 485716

More screenings to be announced for December 2016 & January 2017. Please check for details as soon as they are announced.

More funds means more screenings. If you rent/buy ‘Mira’ via Vimeo on Demand then you can directly contribute to funding these mobile cinemas as all the income from these sales goes directly to funding these mobile Cinemas. Rent/buy on Vimeo here