Six years after being released, I have decided to make Mira available to watch for free (on Youtube) and no longer behind a paywall. Until this point, Mira was available for rent or purchase with income going to girl’s empowerment programmes in Nepal. Hopefully this film keeps doing what it was made for.

Film Awards:

Winner of Audience Choice Award – Mountain Film Festival Bergfilmnacht 2018 | Best Film in Mountain Sports – Ladek Film Festival 2018 | Grand Prize – Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2017 | Parkstad Limburg Jury Award – Dutch Mountain Film Festival 2017 | Prix du Dépassement de Soi – Les Diablerets International Film Festival 2016 | Best Film in Mountain Culture – New Zealand Mountain Film Festival 2016 | Winner of Emerging Talent Award – Alaska International Film Awards 2016 | Winner of Audience Choice Award – Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2016 | Finalist – BANFF Mountain Film Festival 2016 | Finalist at Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2016 | Finalist at the 34th Mountain Film Festival of Torelló 2016

‘Mira’ was also selected to be part of the BANFF World Tour 2017 which is the largest mountain festival and film tour that spans the globe, reaching about 500,000 people through more than 1,000 screenings in 500 locations, in 42 countries.

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