September 16th 2019 – Update

Rungkopi was originally due for release during the summer of 2019. Due to the heartbreaking loss of Gabbie, my sweet soulmate, wife & best friend, all work on Rungkopi stopped in May 2019. I have been unable to work since then as I deeply grieve.  Out of gratitude to the supporters of this film and those closely involved, who have graciously and sensitively given me the space to mourn my beautiful Gabbie, I will eventually resume working on Rungkopi and aim to complete this project and announce a release date in the future. These details including dates are unknown at this point as I am still unable to work as I mourn. Any update about Rungkopi will be announced here on this page so please do return at a future date for any details.

Lloyd Belcher

Rungkopi is a new film that I have been working on since summer of 2018. It is a collection of stories from those who call this special mountain their home. These stories blend hope & tenacity on rich tapestry of tradition, cultural pride and history. In keeping with authenticity, the film is mainly in Dusun, which is the main dialect of the mountain and will be available with Malay and English subtitled versions at first.

Rungkopi will be released in late summer 2019 and the film trailer will be available in May 2019. The exact dates & release details will be announced in due course. Please see above update for details.

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