Chance, opportunity & unlocking talent.

It is fair to say that chance, opportunity & unlocking a hidden talent played a large part in Mira Rai’s journey from her mountain village in Bhojpur to where she is today. While on a recent assignment shooting a 3 day ultra race for Action Asia Events in the mountains near Balthali (2 hours south east of Kathmandu), another story unfolded that involved a young mountain village girl named Soni, who I met by chance & through a mountain side opportunity, I recognised that she had an unrealised talent for photography even though she had never held a camera before.

Soni [right] carrying a load over the mountain passes before trying to retrieve the tyre

While running between shooting locations during the first day of the race, I heard shouts from above and saw a large tyre come hurtling down the mountain and came to rest below on a steep terrace of crops. Adults from nearby fields started to shout at the children to remove the tyre. The game was no longer fun as Soni and the other children looked worried as they struggled to lift the heavy tyre out of the crops. I could see that it was too heavy for them so I climbed down & helped them lift it out of the crops and safely back onto the mountain trail. At that moment, fellow photographer Bryan was passing by and took the below shot as I reached the final terrace with Soni and a young boy watching.

Photo: Bryan Diehl

The children were grateful & left the heavy loads they had been carrying and curiously hung around me as I shot passing runners. While waiting for runners, we had running races, climbed trees and played hide and seek. Simple games that kids who don’t have mobile phones and computers play all the time. However, they became particularly excited when I let them take it in turns to use my DSLR cameras and take photos of passing runners. They had never held a camera before & so I showed them the basics with my creative use of sign language & extremely limited Nepali. They were were very fast learners. Of the group, it was clear that Soni had a flair for photography. She really got into it & I saw in the few images that she shot that there was a talent for imagery that was being unlocked in those moments.

Soni shooting with my Canon 5d
One of the shots that Soni took on my Canon 5d mk2 with Sigma 35mm in manual mode

The above photo was taken by Saoni who shot this image of her friends having a race within 15 mins of first handling a DSLR.  When I saw this image, I could see that this girl had a natural flair. It has the image ingredients that draw you in. If a well known photographer had taken this & posted it on Facebook, I am sure that there would be a host of ‘likes’ and comments such as “great shot” and “nice capture”.

Fun races while waiting for runners. Photo: Soni
The children shooting with my IPhone
A parting photo before running on to the next location

After an hour or so, it was time to run on to the next location. With my creative sign language & smiles, I tried to let Soni know that she took very good images. She smiled and then took her basket with a load of crops that she was carrying and carried on her journey & I ran off to my next location.

It’s almost 2 weeks since that mountainside chance encounter in Nepal. I have returned home and gone through the images that Soni has taken and looked at them closely on a large computer screen and confirmed what I thought at the time: she has talent. This has left me pondering a question over the past few days:

where could this young girl’s potential take her if she was given the opportunities that I have had?

Soni shooting with my Canon 5d & 70-200