There’s a lot of buzz about the new Sony A9 that has just been released. As a professional sports photographer, I was definitely interested in what this camera has to offer and I was lucky enough for Sony Hong Kong to let me take one on assignment to Mongolia last week to shoot an ultra running race there for Action Asia Events.

From shooting in rivers, to Mongolian plains, lying among rocks & horse crap & shooting images at speed off the back of a fast moving motorbike, I definitely put the camera through it’s paces. I even got to baptise the camera with blood after wiping out the motorbike [don’t worry Sony, your camera is in perfect shape. I took the hit…]

Below is a video of the Sony A9 in action on this assignment & when things are less manic I’ll put together a written review with my thoughts about the Sony A9.

Below are some of the images from the video & others using just 2 lenses [Zeiss Batis 25/2 & 85/1.8].