I met Jo and her dad, Zibby, at the Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon (BUTM) race in Sabah last year and spent time filming Jo with a small crew for a story around this race. I was crushed to hear the recent news of Jo’s sudden passing.  My first reaction was to think of her family Zibby, Bozena, Natalia and others who will be utterly devastated with the loss of their daughter and sister. Words can appear shallow and empty during this time and I know there is nothing I could say to them that could meet them in the depths that they are in.

This is the first video work I have done in 17 months and it is made for Jo’s family that they kindly shared with us. I have not been able to do any filming work since the BUTM race last year but when I heard the news about Jo, I put this short video together for her family. They were touched to receive this video and they gave permission for it to be shared publicly.   It is one of the most meaningful pieces of work I have done to date.

I am currently working on an edit of the longer video of the Borneo Ultra Trail Race from last year that has more footage of Joanna from this special race.