Photography Mentoring Course

After much thought, I designed and started delivering a photography mentoring course to a cohort of photographers who show potential in the photography craft. The last year has shown me how important it is to impart and share skills & qualities. Some might call this a legacy,  but either way, […]

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Apple Daily Interview

This recent interview by Apple Daily might possibly be my final post about my photography/film work before bringing this life chapter to a close. Appropriately, this interview is in Cantonese & is not just about my photography & film work but focuses on Hong Kong that I have always been […]

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Coverage of Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge 2019

The Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge is an event I have been involved with most years since it started. It has become an iconic old school annual endurance challenge where runners try and complete all four Hong Kong long-distance trails (total 298km, 14.5k D+) within 60 hours. Most years, I […]

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So what are you going to do with that PhD?

So what are you going to do with that PhD? Are you going to change careers? What does a photographer need a PhD for? The question may be structured differently and have various guises each time it is posed but if I had a dollar for every time that somebody […]

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Calendar Stories

These are the candid stories behind each of the images that appear in the limited edition 2019 calendar:The calendar cover features this capture by fellow Hong Kong photographer Vic Ma on his trusty Leica as I bolted from the starting line of the Oxfam Trailwalker in 2015. I was trying […]

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