I arrived in the Alps a week ago to work on getting my mountain legs back. It has been a while since I worked in the mountains with all the running around with camera gear and I will need to be back on form as I will be working with T8 ambassadors (including Scotty Hawker & Eszter Csillag) who will be racing at the UTMB races.

You can view images that I shoot for T8 on their social media here.  I am also really fortunate that I can work with my old buddy Romain Riche to do some filming for T8 as well.  Romain and I have worked closely together on races in Hong Kong when he lived there. I recently caught up with him in Annecy to climb and run some ridges in his new playground.

Above Annecy with Romain

Thank you for the ongoing support and here’s some images from outings above Chamonix to test equipment and work on some ideas for the next week or so.  All below photos taken by Anya Belcher.

Shooting UTMB 2017

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