Gabbie Belcher

July 12th 2019 With crushing & heavy grief, I want to let all of you who have cared, prayed & shown much kindness to my family & I, that my beautiful wife, soul mate, best friend & devoted, loving mother to Anya passed away last night in Singapore. We fought […]

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Umbrella Marathon

Just over four years ago during the autumn of 2014, I visually documented parts of what was termed the ‘umbrella revolution’. Irrespective of which side of the political fence you sit on, these months were undeniably significant in terms of the impact on Hong Kong’s political and social landscape. In […]

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Rungkopi is a film about the people who live around Kinabalu with stories that blend hope, perseverance and a rich tapestry of tradition, cultural pride and history. In keeping with authenticity, the film is mainly in Dusun, which is the main dialect of the mountain.

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