In 2019,  I produced this video for the HK100.  This is up there in terms of one of the more stressful editing deadlines that I have had. After a long day of running and filming from the back of a motorbike or while chasing runners, I wrapped up shooting around 11pm and left the Tai Mo Shan finish line to head back home and start editing. The race video has traditionally been screened at the awards dinner the next day.. This meant I worked through the night going through all the footage and selecting what I wanted to use and then crafting a video that we could be proud of when released. After editing, compressing & exporting the final video file, I finally finished just under 12 hours later and what you see in this video is what was screened at the awards party that next day. Nothing was changed after that.

This was a team effort with hard grafting from: Bryan Diehl, Hannes Niggli, Richard Kimber & Mark Green

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