The very first online photography course that I delivered has just come to an end. It was a six month course that ran from February until August 2020 and you can find out more about this and future editions here. I worked very closely with a cohort of photographers that ranged in experience as we aimed to develop both soft and hard skills that culminated in a final project that was published.  I am very proud of each person that I had the privilege of working with. There is some high quality imagery that was produced and is included in their final projects.

Please do click through the below images to find their profile pages and see some of their work that was published as well as finding out how to follow their future photography work. The online format worked well in these COVID-19 times and in keeping with the long distance vibe, here is the Class of 2020 graduation photo (Zoom style) with their published final course project.

Please click on the below images to visit the profile pages and see more of each person’s work