After twenty months of not picking up a digital camera for commercial work, I am grateful that Steve and Janet from Hong Kong 100 reached out and asked if I could shoot some promotional images for the 2021 range of HK100 clothing.  I will be straight up and say that I was very nervous about shooting again as I have only used my SLRs and shot film that I have developed myself at home over the past eighteen months or so. It is only until recently that I decided to return to shooting commercial photography work again. I will leave it for another time to write about how I came to a point of deciding that I would pick up my cameras and work professionally again but suffice to say that it was a moving experience for me.

Here are a selection of shots that I took for this assignment. I still have my old 5d mk2 that I bought back in 2012 and so that became my main camera for this job plus I used my Nikon fm3a to shoot some Portra 160. The 5d mk2 is on it’s last legs but still stepped up and delivered these images when I called on it.

Of the 41 images that I submitted, I found it very interesting that the running shots that HK100 chose to share on their platforms first were these two analogue images that I shot on film with the fm3a

HK100 chose these two images from a mixed batch of 41 digital and analogue shots. On balance, there were far more digital shots (9:1) in the batch. I asked them if they knew these two shots were film images and they said they did not realise and they replied: “We just think that those really stand out and are super nice!”

I have found this to be the case with many others who will remark along the lines of really liking analogue images that I show them without knowing that they are shot on film. You won’t see many analogue action shots nowadays but that is not to say that some clients really like what analogue images offer.

Camera Gear: Canon 5d mk2 & Sigma 35/1.4 | Nikon fm3a & Nikkor 85/1.4 with Kodak Portra 160

Athlete models: Leslie Van & T.R. Krier

Article: Why I Shoot Analogue

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