I am broken by the news about the 21 runners who lost their lives this weekend during the mountain race in Gansu, China. Each life lost is heartbreaking and there are families and loved ones plunged into the depths of inconsolable grief over the loss of a son or daughter, husband, wife, mother or dad. Among those who died is Liang Jing 梁晶.

I will not write much. My heart breaks for his wife and his baby daughter. However, I will share one overriding memory I have of Liang Jing:  we were chatting at a restaurant the day before the 100 miles Ultra Trail Mount Fuji race in 2019 (he came second).  He was rather serious as he wrestled with pre-race nerves while waiting for his meal but when I asked him how his wife and daughter were, his face lit up, he started smiling and relaxed as he began talking about them.

Below are images and videos of Liang Jing from Mount Fuji to the Gobi desert and Hong Kong.

Videos with Liang Jing

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