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A Day Behind The Scenes

05 Aug 2015 / in Blog

I love my work and count myself extremely fortunate to wake up each day and start working on something that I am passionate about. That includes days like yesterday that start at 4.30am start to head over to the Hong Kong trail for a sunrise shoot. After an assignment to capture images to be used […]

Summer 2015 News

23 Jul 2015 / in Blog

It has been an incredible year of opportunities & before launching into some exciting new chapters, here’s an update of what’s been going on recently & some news about what’s on the horizon including: release dates & premiere screenings of Mira Rai shooting some overseas races including the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa commercial assignments including The North […]

Family Pride – Mira Rai Film Update

Overlooking home valley in the Bhojpur mountains #miraraifilm
17 Jun 2015 / in Blog

News about the release date of ‘Mira Rai’ is included below but first, an insight into a special chapter in the making of this film. This short clip provides a glimpse into a very special moment as Mira returned home to her mountain village after moving to Kathmandu & tells her family about the running […]

Fuji Film X100T: First Impressions

Oh Nullah - Clockenflap
18 Mar 2015 / in Blog

I have been testing out a Fujifilm X100T for the past few months. It has been with me on adventure shoots as well concerts and on the streets of Hong Kong. I am wrapping up a detailed review of the camera that I have put together while I have put the camera through it’s paces. […]

Positions Available: Filming & Photography Assistants

28 Jan 2015 / in Blog

Filming & Photography Assistants Lloyd Belcher Visuals, an independent adventure film & photography company based in Hong Kong is looking for two assistants for the following positions.  —— FILMING ASSISTANT [3 MONTHS] Lloyd Belcher Visuals is looking for an assistant to work on a part-time basis for film projects that will take place for 3 […]

Behind the Camera: Lantau 50 Photography Assignment

Joe Gray Ridge Runner Lantau 50 IMG_3187 PS 2600
23 Dec 2014 / 1 Comment / in Blog

When on assignment to cover ultra events, my aim is to provide an authentic visual insight into the race. The litmus test [aside from a happy client] is a few days after the race when folk are sitting in the comfort of their homes or offices checking images on facebook or other media and they can get a […]

Why I Shoot Analogue

06 Nov 2014 / 5 Comments / in Blog

A quick visit to Facebook and it’s pretty obvious that we like the immediacy of being able to show others our experiences through posting photos that we have taken that day at a party, on holiday or on a scenic trail somewhere. Immediacy is key and has shaped this digital age in which we want instant image gratification. Camera manufacturers have […]

Himalayan Adventure

Tabuche Print 2200
19 Sep 2014 / 2 Comments / in Blog

“For the stone from the top for geologists, the knowledge of the limits of endurance for the doctors, but above all for the spirit of adventure to keep alive the soul of man.”  George Mallory I meant to post this when I returned from Nepal in May but like so many other things, it remained on […]

The Narrative Behind The Lens

MTAR BTS Needle Hill Sunset
08 Jun 2014 / 2 Comments / in Blog

It has taken a while to write this. I could say that it has been a busy few months of working on multiple projects and so the time has not been there. But to be honest, ‘More Than A Race’ has well and truly lived up to its’ name and it has taken a while […]