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Podcast Interview on SCMP Adventure Trail

Last week, I was privileged to sit down with Mary Hui from the SCMP Adventure Trail Podcast to talk about a range of photography & filming topics including how my academic background shapes my shooting style plus how I go about capturing events like the Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge, Ultra Gobi & Hong […]

National Geographic Workbook Publication

Honoured to have this shot I took of Mira Rai published in a National Geographic Learning Workbook that is a curriculum with a series of publications and resources for young people to learn from their experiences within society. National Geographic Learning have built the Learning Framework around a set of learning outcomes that define what children […]

Coverage of Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge 2019

12 Jan 2019 / in Blog, event, news

The Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge is an event I have been involved with most years since it started. It has become an iconic old school annual endurance challenge where runners try and complete all four Hong Kong long-distance trails (total 298km, 14.5k D+) within 60 hours. Most years, I have shot stills over the […]


02 Jan 2019 / in advice, Blog, news

I am standing at a crossroads. Now that I have completed my doctorate, I am contemplating whether to continue with freelance photography & filming work or to return to the academic world.  I have been consumed by this over the past few months & to make it even more complicated, I have also have been […]

So what are you going to do with that PhD?

learn photography hong kong
24 Dec 2018 / in Blog, news, photography, Uncategorized

So what are you going to do with that PhD? Are you going to change careers? What does a photographer need a PhD for? The question may be structured differently and have various guises each time it is posed but if I had a dollar for every time that somebody has recently asked me whether […]

Calendar Stories

21 Dec 2018 / in Blog, news, photography

These are the candid stories behind each of the images that appear in the limited edition 2019 calendar:The calendar cover features this capture by fellow Hong Kong photographer Vic Ma on his trusty Leica as I bolted from the starting line of the Oxfam Trailwalker in 2015. I was trying to stay ahead of Ras […]

Limited Edition Calendar Available Now

06 Nov 2018 / in Blog, news, photography, Uncategorized

I have avoided producing a calendar…. until now. 2019 is likely to be the only year that I will do this and only producing 100 calendars that are being made available for sale. After these are sold there will be no reprints. These are some of the shots that I consider to be among 12 […]

Umbrella Marathon

30 Oct 2018 / in Blog, event, news, photography, Uncategorized

Just over four years ago during the autumn of 2014, I visually documented parts of what was termed the ‘umbrella revolution’. Irrespective of which side of the political fence you sit on, these months were undeniably significant in terms of the impact on Hong Kong’s political and social landscape. In the midst of the protests […]

Fjällräven Hong Kong Classic

30 Oct 2018 / in event, news, photography, Uncategorized

Just wrapped up shooting for top outdoor brand Fjällräven this past week to capture their ‘Hong Kong Classic’ that took trekkers on a 3 day journey across Sai Kung. This was my second year working with Fjällräven (see last year’s images here) It was hot work trekking and camping while shooting the journey in a documentary style. […]

4 Trails 2019 Film Team

28 Oct 2018 / in Blog, event, news, photography, Uncategorized

I am looking for creative & athletic film folk to join me to capture Hong Kong’s iconic old school endurance event. I have been involved on a voluntary basis with the Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge for most years since it started.  It is also by far one of the toughest events to cover […]